About Operation 120

According to Google Trends, recent siding searches are up 120% - that’s MORE THAN DOUBLE!

We put together this web site especially for remodeling pros like you. Operation 120 is our way to help connect you to valuable information and helpful resources to help turn this 120% increase into profits! Together we can turn the course of 2020 and sell more siding jobs than ever!

Remember, Insulated Vinyl Siding products are an easy way to increase the ticket of every siding job. 

Why Siding?

5 Great Reasons Homeowners Want Siding Now:

  1. People are spending more time at home seeing the improvement  projects they want to do – and siding is at the TOP OF THE LIST!

  2. Unlike most home improvements, siding is installed on the EXTERIOR – helping to alleviate health concerns.

  3. You can even sell siding remotely! Virtual online presentation are growing strong – you might be surprised how quickly you convert your sales process to virtual!

  4. It’s Spring! People are outside and enjoying nicer weather, sprucing up their home for summer.

  5. Stimulus checks + sidelined vacations = more money for home improvements!


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