NOTE: This brief article summarizes a special webinar Progressive Foam recently sponsored featuring Tony Hoty Consulting designed to help siding and remodeling companies with lead generation and marketing.


As you may know, Tony Hoty is a seasoned veteran in the remodeling business and currently operates his own home improvement company. Lead generation and marketing are one of his many specialties, and Tony recently shared some fantastic insights during this webinar, including great ideas on how to be successful with lead generation and marketing in these challenging times. View the full summary here.



Tony Hoty

Tony has spent his entire adult life working in the home remodeling industry. He began his career while still enrolled as a student at Ohio State University. His first position involved canvassing door-to-door around job sites for a local contractor in Columbus. After experiencing early success, Tony was given the opportunity to staff home shows, events and retail stores, so he could learn to generate leads through other channels. Once Tony had mastered the art of lead generation, he began to recruit and train others as he built a large scale marketing department with dozens of face-to-face appointment setters. This well-rounded background gave Tony an incredible foundation for training and teaching others. It wasn’t long before word of Tony’s success as a trainer had spread across the country.  To date, Tony has traveled all over the US and Canada. Sharing this knowledge and wisdom is one of Tony’s passions. However, leading by example is his true mission. That is why Tony owns and operates his own remodeling business to this day. This provides him with the vehicle to stay relevant and engaged, always in tune with the modern challenges that home improvement professionals face on daily basis.

Training Videos


Tony Hoty Training and Consulting

Canvassing  Manual

Retail Store Marketing Manual

Event Marketing Manual

Telemarketing Manual


Tony Hoty Training and Consulting

Training & Consulting

Discover the strategy and training that has helped the home service industry’s leading companies go from “mom & pop” to the very top!

Lead Generation

If you are looking for assistance in the area of lead generation, you have arrived at the right place! Tony Hoty has helped countless leading companies to establish concrete systems for lead generation

Public Speaking

Need a qualified and entertaining speaker for your next meeting or conference? Tony has a proven track record of engaging audiences with timely and relevant topics.


Whether you need a canvassing manager for a new door-to-door program or a sales manager to lead your growing team of in-home sales people, Tony and his team can source the individual you need.