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Optimize Your Siding Program

Exterior remodelers of all sizes, types and locations are experiencing a "boom" in project opportunities. We hear from customers that homeowners are willing to invest in their home, often re-allocating dollars discretionary income from vacations and other entertainment to investing in home improvements.


Siding remains a top performer. In fact, recent Google Trends data shows that searches for Vinyl Siding hit an all-time high in May.


And it makes sense. More people have been working from home than anytime in history. Spending more time at home serves as a constant reminder of those "wish list" items, with siding being one that keeps rising to the top of the list. 


So how can YOU capitalize on these great opportunities with your Siding Program? Here are 3 Great Ways you can make more money in the Siding Game!


1. Sell the Benefits of Doing Siding Jobs "The Right Way" -- Insulation.

Most people only re-side their home once, so it's important to do it the best possible way. Adding insulation products to every siding job helps boost your margins by offering much stronger series of benefits to homeowners. Doing your next siding job "The Right Way" -- with insulation added -- helps you deliver more value. From improving energy efficiency and comfort to better-looking and more durable walls, Insulated Siding (one-piece) and Siding with Insulation (two-piece) help you differentiate your business and close more sales at a higher ticket. Learn more


2. Optimize Your Sales Training and Marketing to Capitalize on Upsell Opportunities

Fully understanding the benefits of an insulated siding system -- and how to convey them to homeowners -- give you powerful ammunition to sell whole-house jobs. With the right sales training, product/benefit knowledge, and sales tools, your unleashed sales and marketing teams can create opportunities for add-on or upgraded products by earning trust and educating homeowners. Contact your Progressive Foam Territory Manager or email here to arrange your next virtual sales and marketing training session.


3. Re-target Prior Satisfied Customers

This is a great time to re-connect with prior customers. You already have established a successful relationship with them, and they are more likely to trust you over someone else. This trust factor means you are more likely to be able to sell the idea of continued investment in their home with a complete insulated siding job. The cost to re-market to them is also very low compared to generating a new lead. Learn more from Tony Hoty at Operation 120. 


4. Be Creative with New Technologies

You've probably been inundated with new technologies this year. But the good news is that there are several great options you can begin to incorporate into your business. Here are just a few….

-    One Click Contractor: Comprehensive software for virtual selling

-    Ingage: Build awesome-looking, professional in-home presentations

-    Hover: Remote measurement makes it easier to quote siding projects

-    RenoWorks: Design visualization to show "after" before you even start the job

-    MarketSharp: Contractor business software, Customer Relationship Management


And so many more great technologies! Not to mention taking full advantage of Social Media. If you are looking for help in this area, please let us know!


5. VSI Certified Installer Training - Elevate Your Pitch

Is your siding install team officially certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute? As we head into the back-half of the year, think about getting your team the training that only the vinyl siding industry can offer. Having VSI Certified Installer status gives you a powerful marketing and sales message, showing how you invest to ensure every job is installed to meet or exceed industry standards. It can help separate you from the average vinyl siding contractor as well as separate you from other cladding materials. A host of resources and online training event are available here.


Please visit the links in this article or reach out to Progressive Foam for more information.

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